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Delirium is one of the most frequent complications experienced in the ICU.

In house are four VIP areas in each corner of the room, with an obstructed view of the large main stage.

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It is easy to blame exhaustion on the stresses of an increasingly demanding lifestyle or work.

Critical care nurses are well aware that many patients in medical and surgical intensive care units (ICUs) experience some degree of cognitive impairment, which may range from coma to delirium.

In order to perform invasive procedures and provide lifesaving, supportive care, patients are given potent psychoactive drugs such as benzodiazepines and opiates, which often lead to increases in cognitive abnormalities.

As your crisis lessens, and you are better able to care for yourself, you can begin planning for your discharge.

In-patient care is not designed to keep you confined indefinitely; the goal is to maximize independent living by using the appropriate level of care for your specific illness.

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