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There is potential application of these methods to late Holocene climates with implications for evaluation of current concern over global warming.

A team from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and led by geneticist Viviane Slon collected samples from seven archaeological sites in Europe and Asia, analyzing the sediment for traces of mammalian DNA.

This study is primarily concerned with testing the validity of the conventional SAR protocol applied to South African archaeological sites.

RCC presents problematic sediments for OSL dating because of a high feldspar component in the sediments at the site (OSL dating is preferably done on quartz grains due to a better understanding of the mechanisms of OSL production).

When they searched for DNA fragments specific to hominins — a precursor of modern humans — they found what they were after: nine samples from four archaeological sites produced enough hominin DNA for further analysis.Using these studies as a reference, the team targeted archaeological sites known to have been occupied by ancient hominins.Specifically, they looked for mitochondrial DNA, which is abundant in cells.Abstract: This paper is a review of cave sediments: their characteristics and their application as paleoclimate archives.Cave sediments can be separated into two broad categories, clastic sediments and chemical sediments.

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