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The fact that a married woman is something a man can’t and shouldn’t have, makes her all the more desirable to certain types of men.Add the thrill of taking a bite of the proverbial forbidden fruit and these men simply can’t help themselves.Fundamentally, they are unstable, like three legs on a table.Something always goes wrong, or at least it should, because triangles usually end up hurting people more than anything else.Sometimes we go out of town together and she tells her husband she is leaving for work reasons. There is never affection between them while I am around. When we talk about it, often she tells me not to pressure her. Maybe I just need to wait for january since I told her I would. I think what you need to do is take one look at the situation you are in. Even thought u may love her I think its best that you move on and find somebody else because if this lady is cheating on her husband with you, whats to say she wont cheat on somebody when she is with you?Sometimes I am with her, her husband and family on the weekends. I want to be with her and although we are together continously, I am not happy. I believe she loves me but unless her husband changes and is different with her I am not sure she will be able to leave him even if she is happier with me. Sorry if I seem bit harsh I just don't like people that cheat in relationships. It's only going to get worse, you will start thinking about them when they are together "Are they having sex?

Maybe it’s the way that so many of them seem to convey a sense of self esteem or confidence in themselves and their situation.Somtimes this relationship will work out, but most of the time, it wont.Just some advice from someone who has been in your shoes.A lot of misery is avoided with a respectful ending and opportunity to start again with someone else after a period of sincere efforts to fix a love relationship.The point is, a triangle happens when two married (or simply committed people) don’t fix their marriage.

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I have been dating a married woman for seven months.

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  1. The results also provide insights on how the developmental context may alter stage pathways: Dating activities were incorporated with mixed-gender affiliations, group-based romantic stages showed more stability than other stages, and the ethnocultural context influenced romantic timing.