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There are others that seem great, but they're in Japanese without any English patches (that I've been able to find) If you do manage to find any good games, for the love of god, let me know! I don't know why, but I just can't get into furries most of the time, Hard Blush being the exception.

Much of what you read about dating applies to all daters, whether straight or gay.

SM: No, she’s not and it’s really tough because Emily and Alison are so close together but a situation like that is difficult.

When a friend drops you off at a psych ward, it’s kind of like, “I hope you come back and visit,” so I think out of everybody I think Emily is definitely the friend that you’d want to come back and check up on you.

With her tomboyish image and open and friendly persona, it’s perhaps unsurprising, given both these narrow gender roles and the K-pop fandom’s propensity for shipping, that Amber’s sexual identity is the subject of constant debate.

Although it should be no one’s business who she dates unless she chooses to share, she’s taken the opportunity to address these rumours recently while promoting her new mini-album in a couple of interviews with Arirang.

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