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Here's some for the XJ crowd it's better than a JK. The zj wj stickers aren't around anymore that I know of. Here's some for the XJ crowd it's better than a JK. That sticker was made and sold originaly by a guy on a specific website years ago, it'san awesome place that is more for the heavily modified crowd, think swaps, 60's, and truggy's. The zj wj stickers aren't around anymore that I know of. Here's some for the XJ crowd it's better than a JK. Maybe I'm inherently crazy, but why do I feel like ordering a bunch of these for modern Ford and Bimmers and slapping them on such in the Nordstrom/Macys parking lot?The only bad thing is i told the Kid working on it what i was going to do RE: the UNFINISHED look with the Skid plate on, Well he ran with it and thought he would do me a favor and do it for me it looks ok but He is not a finisher as in rough cuts, i wanted to retain a Li L more of the valance heres a few pictures Yes, my Limited had those two block off panels installed in the lower fascia when I first bought it. I wasted 30 of those minutes trying to get the jeep off of the jackstands.The block off plates are held on to the fascia with tabs...takes all of 2 seconds to push them out (no cutting involved), so if you ever had to reinstall the block off plates you could..problem. My jack would not pick the jeep up enough to slide them off.When I went to try the NC at Lancaster Honda I liked the seat height of the S model but liked the looks of the X better, so in the end I bought the Xdct and love it to bits, today I laser cut a set of stainless steel links that lower my bike by 20mm, now my feet are flat on the floor For us common folks, that is about 3/4 of an inch that you lowered your seat height.Have you had to chance to ride the bike on a rough dirt road yet? But if you already have the stock X stand, then it may be more difficult to get the bike up on the center stand.Share your likes/dislikes, advice and more in here.

Review novels, cook books or even reference books, discuss poetry style or improve writing techniques.

I would like a real life report on how she preformed once you get the time. How much longer is the distance between the bolt holes as I may have a pair of lowered links made. Have any of you used the center stand with lowering links?

They are expensive to buy on the internet considering they are two lengths of steel with a bolt hole at each end. I could use a lower seat height but not at the expense of losing the centerstand functioning properly. I have the standard centerstand and have lowered my bike about 1.5 inches. Since my side stand hasn't been modified yet I am always using the center stand.

I threaded the bolts/nuts on and off 5 times each and that made them much easier. I still had one that kept sticking on me, but I got it done.

I probably didn't need to lift it, but it made it easier. I didn't use the 2 sided tape because I didn't have much trouble getting all the pieces in place. Does anyone know if I can buy the red tow hooks with the installation hardware included?

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I have long arms and like to get a better by raising up the Jeep. All the sites I have visited say that I need to buy the red hooks separate from the black ones, because the black ones are the only ones that come with the needed hardware?

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