Mysql slave invalidating query cache entries

This webinar will discuss how to deal with: In this blog, I will provide answers to the Q & A for the Troubleshooting Issues with My SQL Character Sets webinar. His work consisted of developing fast servers and modules with C and C , projects state monitoring, searching bottlenecks, and open source projects patching including nginx, memcache, sphinx, php, ejabberd.

Although, it is not the magic bullet and it is not unusual to see severe performance degradation or random freezes. There is a series of well written articles from Peter Zaitsev that describe what My SQL Query Cache is, and a list of idea about giving it a second chance.A hypothetical example might be a complex query to build a list of values for a drop-down list that always appears on a webpage form.In a situation like this, the query cache can mask performance problems caused by missing indexes, which makes it helpful for novice users.Scale Arc supports string, boolean, long, double, short, byte, binary, decimal, byte Array, date, time, timestamp, and Character Streams as column types.For example, consider a product catalog table with a column of “product_id.” The application issues select or update queries to retrieve or update data from the table using “product_id.” Scale Arc uses the “product_id” value as the metadata to tag the cache objects internally.

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The query cache has been disabled-by-default since My SQL 5.6 (2013) as it is known to not scale with high-throughput workloads on multi-core machines.

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