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Actor Oguri Shun has frankly revealed his true thoughts about marriage.On the Fuji Television talk show show “Bokura no Jidai” aired on the 24th, an extravagant conversation between the producer Ninagawa Yukio, Ayano Go and Oguri Shun occurred.Following Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu's marriage announcement on 12 March, Yamada held a press conference on 14 March which was also their 4th dating anniversary and the day when they registered their marriage.As Oguri was away in China for filming, Yamada appeared alone at the event with 150 members of the press.

and before anyone comments on how unfair it is for people to have to do that whole giving notice thing, in America or in any other country, celebrity or not, it's always nice to be given a heads up about such things that way no one is blind-sided about the situation.

In their announcement, the two thanked the many people who have supported them up until now. “From now on, we will continue supporting each other and cherishing each day, and we hope to build a warm home.”Sources say that the two were originally planning to get married on July 5 of last year (Yamada’s 27th birthday), but they decided to postpone it due to the effects of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Rumors of them breaking up are just lies made up by jelly people.

It was no secret Shun spent his new year holiday in Hawaii with Yamada family and Toma. I was telling my co-worker about it (she had no idea who they are and probably doesn't care)I feel like it's been a long time since there was a celebrity marriage that wasn't because the woman got pregnant.

Ninagawa told Oguri Shun, who married model Yamada Yu in December of 2012, “In order to be a good actor, I want you to be unhappy.

It’s fine it you got married, but you need to find a separate hurdle that you have to suffer through by yourself.” “Now I don’t have any freedom.

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