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No pics off tineye and no fake pics unless you can prove otherwise! It seemed almost quaint to be wandering around a text based site like Babblesex.

While the demand for “real pics” and web-cams was high the focus was definitely on the anonymous cyber-sexual encounters that the old Internet was known for.

We conducted our annual Service Evaluation again in late 2016 to find out more about who uses our services and what you think of them.

Private messaging was enabled, sometimes as a prerequisite to entering a room (horny!!!

Also, the survey showed that many of you hear about us by word of mouth, which means that you can really help us to reach others by spreading the word.

Everyone has the right to feel safe and to enjoy their experience at University.

We know that many people do not report sexual harassment.

They might feel that it’s just a part of everyday life; that it’s somehow their fault they were harassed; or that they won’t be taken seriously.

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