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Thanks to the content of the file I'm updating a jcombobox object.

My problem is that even data are inserted inside the jcombobox (i.e. Hi, This is my first time using Swing, and I've having a major problem with JCombo Box.

This article describes how to produce sorted lists and uses a simple application to demonstrate concepts.

Please could you help me with any ideas on how i can fix this.I am adding item in the combo box within a fucntion and I am calling that function from action Listener of a button. Hey, I am calling a function from a class to pass an array of information and to put the name in the combo Box. I then add values to the model which then appear in the JList.Although I developed the demo source as a Net Beans IDE 5.0 project, the demo's ANT script does not require that you use that IDE to compile or execute the application.The demo application uses the decorator design pattern to provide additional functionality to the object you already use.

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I have created a Mouse Listener which (when double clicked) allows the user to edit the current user number of that person they have selected.

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